Features - Learn how ChalkboxTV works and what's special about it.

How It Works

Cloud based messaging application

The ChalkboxTV internet application allows you to create, manage and
deliver your messages to your ChalkboxTV-enabled televisions quickly and
easily from the cloud. Whether you have one TV in one location, or multiple
TVs in many locations, ChalkboxTV gives you the power to manage them all.

The ChalkboxTV Device

The ChalkboxTV media player is a small, network enabled device that sits
between your set-top box and your television. The media player connects to
the internet through your local area network (LAN), either by wire or built-in
WiFi, to download your messages and deliver them to your TV.

3 Modes

Picture in Picture

Want to entertain and inform simultaneously?
Overlay messages on top of your live TV feed.

Full-Screen Messages

Want to increase impact? Capture your customers'
complete attention with full screen messages.

TV Only

Have nothing to say? Use your TV as you normally
would by switching to TV-only mode.

High Quality

HD Messages

Clear, crisp digital signage on your HD TV.

No loss or distortion of picture

Aspect ratio maintained the same - so content looks
just as good.